About us

Initiative Group ‘Action’ working on 2013.

We are the grass-root organization that unites people of community and supporters based in St.Petersburg (Russia). By the time we started our organization many of us had had experience, both professional and voluntary, in community development (from 5 to 14 years). Those activities included advocacy of LGBT interests, LGBT believers support, LGBTQ studies development, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention among MSM, support of MSM-PLHIV, psychological work, development of activists, work with groups of professionals etc – basically, it included all fields of work of our organization.

We believe that the main work has to be done with the community because of the current context. Care for the health of the community, development of its potential are the necessary for changes in the position of the community. This is the reason why we focus on this.

Our mission

Development of strong, healthy, responsible and open LGBT community in St Petersburg with developed self-consciousness, mutualism and active citizenship.

Our Community Center

We work 7 days a week. Located in the city center. The events are held in Russian, but those who speak other languages can drink coffee and relax from walks around the city.

If you want to visit our community center or have questions about its work, write: community@center-action.org